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3397 - Lapis Gemstone Dome Tree - Widdop
3397 - Lapis Gemstone Dome Tree - Widdop

3397 - Lapis Gemstone Dome Tree - Widdop

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Miniature Lapis Lazuli gemstone tree of life in glass cloche from Serenity by SOPHIA.

30 Hand threaded authentic gemstones adorn a hand crafted, gold coloured wire tree and placed on an encrusted bed of matching gemstones, displayed within a clear glass dome that stands 13cm tall.

A striking blue lava stone, Lapiz helps heighten your awareness, revealing spiritual purpose in life. Goal orientated, it encourages and motivates for positive progress.

Why a tree? Representing life and growth, this meaningful gift is a symbolic reference to the Tree of Life. Also known as a Feng Shui Tree or Crystal Bonsai Tree, the Tree of Life has been celebrated as a powerful symbol throughout religion, culture, and philosophy. Each Tree is paired with intentional stones to help manifest wishes and enhance the positive energy or chakra associated with each stone.

Supplied in a plastic free, craft brown gift tube with printed label.